Sanderson Watts Associates (SWA) is a civil and structural engineering consultancy whose aim is to achieve cost effective and quality design solutions that fulfil our clients’ needs. Our technical staff are experienced in solving unusual engineering problems especially those associated with safety related nuclear, marine and defence establishments. We provide the full range of civil and structural engineering services from project concept through to detailed design and construction drawings.

We work closely with our clients helping to establish their requirements, challenging and examining options, carrying out feasibility/cost studies, preparation of complex analytical finite element modelling, site inspections and appraisals, preparing final design drawings, specifications and safety case documentation



Sanderson Watts Associates is a private limited company managed by the Board of Directors ably supported by a Senior Management team consisting of Associate Directors and Technical Directors with many years experience in their respective fields.

Equal Opportunities

The Company recognizes that discrimination in the workplace, in any form, is unacceptable and, in most cases, also unlawful. We have therefore adopted an Equal Opportunities Policy, to ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly and without favor or prejudice. We are committed to applying this policy throughout all areas of employment; recruitment and selection, training, development, and promotion. In all situations, people will be judged solely on merit or ability.

Non-Harassment Policy

The Company also recognizes that harassment in the workplace, in any form, is unacceptable and in most cases, is also unlawful. We are committed to ensuring that we are able to provide a working environment which is harmonious and acceptable to all.

Quality Systems

Sanderson Watts Associates [SWA] is a quality-assured company and has been registered with Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance since 1996. SWA provide services meeting standards of Quality and Reliability essential to the needs of each Client and respective project. These services achieve the beneficial objectives of providing Clients with well-engineered and cost-effective facilities, of appropriate defined quality and performance.

Emphasis is placed on providing professional services satisfying Client requirements, Environment and Safety Management System Standards, complying with applicable standards and statutory regulations, incorporating appropriate financial and time constraints.

To achieve these objectives the Company operates an effective and efficient Quality Assurance, Environmental and Safety Management System based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, as presented in the Quality Assurance Manual. The Quality Assurance Manager has the authority and responsibility to establish, maintain and improve the necessary Quality Assurance Standards and organisational freedom to recognise quality problems and to initiate, recommend and provide advice.

The Quality Programme as laid down in this Quality Assurance Manual has the full support of the Board of Directors and all staff are required to adhere to its directives.



Sanderson Watts Associates Ltd gives the highest priority to preserving and respecting the environment within which it operates. In particular, we are fully conscious of our responsibilities to prevent environmental accidents and to prevent and control pollution.

The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Company.
The Company is committed to continual improvement on environmental performance and the prevention of pollution by the setting of improvement objectives and regular monitoring. The areas that are regularly measured are described in the Management Programme.

Environmental issues are considered during all aspects of the processes including offices, on site visits, storage, and transportation.

It is an intrinsic discipline within the company that environmental aspects and impacts are considered in delivering design solutions.

In performing its day-to-day operations, the Company will comply with current legislation and other requirements relevant to the processes and services of the business, this includes co-operating fully with regulatory bodies.

Through regular training, employees at all levels are made aware of the potential environmental aspects of their activities and the environmental benefits of improved performance.

We are individually and collectively committed to these principles and expect all who work in our Business to act in accordance with them.
The Company will require all suppliers to accept the same operational standards as it imposes on itself.

This policy statement is displayed on the Company’s premises and made available to all those who request it.

The motivation of our staff is dependent on their training and the understanding of the tasks that they are expected to perform. It is part of our ongoing training policy that this Policy is understood and implemented at all levels in the company.

Civil & Structural Engineering Consultants



We have fully embraced building information modelling (BIM) as a process and technology that integrates the ethos of our design and construction projects. Our BIM philosophy has revolutionised our design and construction approach to deliver greater benefits to our clients. BIM allows our clients to engage in the design of their buildings by visualising the process much earlier in the design stage, generating significant cost savings by identifying construction issues before they arise on-site.

Ultimately, our BIM processes utilise Autodesk Revit and a variety of structural analytical technologies to virtually design, study and construct smarter, more efficient buildings.

SWA BIM Vision Statement:

SWA have committed to making BIM integral to all new and future project processes whether this be ‘Lonely BIM’ or a fully collaborated design in a common data environment. We believe the full benefits of BIM will only be achieved with close collaboration and we will harness the collaborative culture ethos which underpins a truly integrated project team.

Health and Safety

As a company and as individuals we are committed to maintaining and achieving the highest standards of health and safety possible. This applies to our own staff based in our various offices or staff out on site, and of course all visitors to our premises and our client’s operatives who build any works we design.
Health and Safety are our prime and highest priority.

We have installed a health and safety culture within our company to ensure safe working practices are adopted and encourage staff at all levels to be proactive in all aspects of safe working:

Activities and in house procedures set up include:

  • An ongoing hazard spotting and reporting structure
  • Fire controls, evacuation procedures and weekly equipment testing regimes
  • Nominated and trained staff for various identified risk areas. Fire wardens, Trained first aiders, Risk assessors etc.
  • Site specific safety related issues are considered carefully and all staff working on-site are trained and PPE equipped as necessary
  • We maintain full accountability of our PPE manifest ensuring all equipment is both suitable and current, and tested and calibrated where necessary
  • Frequent site visitors are all current CSCS card holders
  • We have Radiologically Monitored and Competent Persons for nuclear sites
  • Fully conversant with the Permit to Work system employed on some projects
  • Produce in house detailed risk assessments and method statements for every job undertaken
  • Constantly monitor all aspects of our business to ensure that we use the best and safest products whilst reducing our environmental footprint

Our staff has extensive knowledge of various site safety protocols and requirements that are encountered when working on-site and as such we are well placed and able to deal with any situation that could arise.

As a company, we pride ourselves on the fact that any suggestions regarding health and safety, from any member of our team or our clients, are firstly listened to, recorded, and then acted upon quickly, prior to taking appropriate steps to eliminate or reduce any risk identified.


Specialist Software

Sanderson Watts Associates continually invest in advanced technology for structural analysis, design and draughting. This enables us to maintain the highest of engineering standards and to use the latest materials and techniques.

SWA office is equipped with the most up to date Engineering software and hardware that are necessary to fulfil the job requirements and to produce a high standard of deliverables to our clients. In addition, SWA continually invest in comprehensive training of our staff to ensure the highest technical and efficiency standards are maintained.

Our current specialist analysis and design software portfolio includes:

  • DYNA
  • 3DS MAX

Professional Memberships and Accreditations

Sanderson Watts’s operations and activities are fully supported and managed through an integrated management system which is designed to assure total compliance through the dissemination of clear and unambiguous information.

We also have appropriately qualified and experienced people in place who are tasked with maintaining and developing our systems and driving through standards of excellence and continual improvement. These people and our organization as a whole are supported through our membership of various professional associations and proactive support to industry accreditations. We also ensure that our systems and procedures are continually challenged through third party audit and accreditation.