HMNB Clyde - Valient Submarine Jetty


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Amec PLC


Seismic Qualification of Equipment using Experience Data


SWA was commissioned to undertake detailed seismic qualification of plant and equipment recently installed on the Valiant Submarine Jetty at HMNB Clyde.

The work involved various walk down assessments and subsequent use of database/experience-based assessment by for the seismic substantiation of Safety-related plant, equipment and supports utilising experience data and the provision of a list of items deemed non-compliant.  The SQUG-Generic Implementation Procedure (GIP) (Ref. 1) approach is to be used.

SWA is responsible for, reviewing the current equipment database containing 1000’s of individual items and developing a bounding sub-set of equipment list to be assessed, developing a walk down regime including walk down sheets. Calculations were carried out to produce seismic motions at the supports of various items in different locations on the jetty.

SWA was subsequently commissioned to provide structural solutions for items which, in their present form, require structural upgrading to meet their prevailing safety case requirements.

Capital Value including implementation of structural strengthening approx £24m.