Magnox DCI waste containers framework


  • Nuclear


Chester Simplex Limited (CSL) (Magnox framework)

CSL initially employed SWA to provide analysis support its tender submission to for the Magnox ILW Management programme of the alternative container procurement plan. SWA selected the appropriate grade of DCI, and carried out a series of non-linear, large displacement analyses, using the LS-DYNA software, to provide an initial confirmation of the feasibility of the SCL design. The various load cases defined in the IAEA transportation regulations IAEA SSR-6 (2012) considered including, perforation and impact. The complex thread in the lid and body of the containers were modelled accurately.
SWA also supported CSL in the development and substantiation of the containers, upon CSL’s success in being selected for the delivery framework.

Services Provided

  • Development of DCI material flow and failure characterisation
  • Review of FE analysis by third parties
  • Specification of DCI material test requirements and review of results
  • Use of Extreme value distribution principle to derive DCI characteristic fracture mechanics properties from test data
  • Production of Design Assessment Reports in support of safety case for containers