Metrolink OHL Stanchion Survey


  • Rail
  • Structural Surveys



Sanderson Watts Associates (SWA) were commissioned to carry out general inspections of a number of pre-agreed stanchions and gantrys along the Altrincham, Bury, City Centre and Eccles Metrolink lines to determine the required future maintenance needs.

A visual inspection was undertaken from ground level, survey team members were PTS Metrolink trained. A PIC and Lookout were provided by Metrolink to ensure the safety of the surveyors whilst working on the live network.


Services Provided

  • Detailed condition survey of over 300 stanchions/gantrys
  • Dimensional Survey
  • Assessment of corrosion and section loss
  • Structural Substantiation of Historical Sections
  • Recommendations for future service life and associated maintenance regime
  • Ultra Sound Scanning
  • Night Shift Work