Sellafield Evaporator D Facility


  • Nuclear


Sellafield Sites Ltd, delivered in collaboration with Costain Oil, Gas and Process

Working in conjunction with Costain Oil Gas and Process SWA have provided the full CS&A design of this facility for a comprehensive range of normal and 1:10,000 year extreme environment loads requiring seismic analyses, generation of all secondary response spectra for pipework and vessel design, including seismic qualification of the HVAC system and all aspects of Architecture building design, infrastructure design and fire engineering.

Our current involvement in this infrastructure project is to provide post-construction CS&A support during commissioning.

As part of the work, SWA carried out the design and analysis of the steel-lined reinforced concrete containment vessel (RCCV) for the highly active liquor vessel. In accordance with project requirements and the relevant standards, the RCCV was designed for normal, extreme environmental and accidental loads, including, wind, fire, abnormal temperature, earthquake and aircraft impact. A series of non-linear and linear finite element analysis of the concrete and liner to the various hazards.

The substantiation of the RCCV liner was carried out using the results of non-linear FE analyses. The assessment of the concrete RCCV was carried out using a validated bespoke automated routine for post-processing reinforced concrete results in accordance with Clark-Nielsen’s method. The steel rebars in the unlined areas of the RCCV were substantiated in accordance with ACI 318 whilst those in the lined regions were with ASME III Division 2.